Basin faucet Stainless steel material
Let the product more luster
Keep a lifelong bright as new
  The kitchen faucet
Stainless steel with antioxidant or
gas medium corrosion resistance
Choose thermal performance of the
kitchen faucet More healthy
Shower body
Stainless steel material safety lead-free
No second pollution of water quality
  Stainless steel water trough Healthy environmental protection stainless steel material
To maintain a pure water hygiene

  • Heshan Gute sanitary ware industry CO.,LTD  is a production of stainless steel shower shower, thermostatic shower flower is aspersed, basin faucet, kitchen faucet, pendant, bathtub, shower, sink, accessories series products of professional manufacturers......
  • Enterprise honor: through the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification  
    Company purpose: technology as the foundation, innovation and enhance the quality of
    Corporate culture: the structure of the idea, the value of the decision machine; Design details, determine the success or failure of the design;  Fine workmanship, determine the quality of the product
專業優勢 Product Advantage
 GUSITE specializes in the production of medium and high-end sanitary bath SUS 304 stainless steel sanitary Ware products. We have a professional sales team, rigorous scientific management, strict inspection system, innovative marketing concept, perfect after-sales service, product style, complete range, fine workmanship, luxury chic, comfortable, beautiful.
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